B&E Honey Farm, LLC 

Watsonville's Beekeeping Service 

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Welcome to our site.  Let me give you some background to B&E Honey Farm.  Bill our beekeeper, learned beekeeping more than 40 years ago when he started working for a local Commercial Beekeeper while still in high school as a summer job.  He continued working with bees' after graduating up until his mid twenties.

Beekeeping in those days was simpler in comparison to todays standards.  Foul brood was the biggest worry, and of course pesticides.  Now bees are afflicted with mites, viruses, and systemic pesticide requiring vigilance of the beekeeper to never let the bees fend for themselves. 

Today we manage 165 colonies and growing.  With experience in providing healthy colonies for honey bee pollination services  for farmers.  If you one acre or two-hundred, we will provide your pollination needs.

Our honey is pure, organic honey straight from the hive .  The only processing we do is extracting from the comb and straining it through a 400 micron cloth to remove wax debris.  Unprocessed honey is honey that is still in the comb, so there is minimal processing with extracting, straining, and putting it in a jar.